On the 8th May, the CECA (Civil Engineering Contractors Association) published this report titled ‘Delivering Post-Brexit Growth’, a document outlining their recommendations to the incoming government after 8 th June election.

This means that political parties, civil engineers, and construction businesses alike have had exactly a month to digest the recommendations.

But what do we get from the report?

An emphasis on infrastructure

The report specifically recommends the continuation of several current and developing infrastructure projects – and in particular – HS2, Crossrail, the third runway at Heathrow, Tidal Lagoon at Swansea Bay and the new nuclear power generation.

CECA state that any change to the plans will cause distrust in the market and might scupper investment plans moving forward.

Of course, CECA’s position on this is music to the ears of us at Unite People, and we strongly endorse the recommendation of CECA to proceed with these current plans in order to help strengthen the UK economy.

Guarantee rights of EU workers

In what might be misconstrued as an overtly political statement, the CECA recommends the immediate & urgent guarantee of EU workers living in the UK.

This, to us, makes total sense, as the workers needed to work in UK construction over the next few years (35,740 new workers per year to be exact) is unachievable without our colleagues from European shores living and working here.

Call to make UK a global industrial leading player

CECA acknowledges that the main political parties are on board with the motion that the UK needs to be a global leader when it comes to industrial strategy.

The report goes on to suggest that the industry suffers disproportionately to others during times of financial recession, and calls for this to be strategized to avoid this happening in the future.

CECA also states that the UK’s devolved governments must work together to ensure that a complimentary strategy is implemented, which might be confused if Indyref2 goes ahead at the end of the Brexit process.

Address the current imbalance of investment across the UK

Reading further through the document, there is a strong emphasis on the lack of balance when it comes to investment in the UK, with the bias towards London and the South East being a major cause of traffic disruption and congestion.

This brings into account the vision of ex-chancellor George Osborne of a ‘Northern Powerhouse’, which promotes a stronger economy in the northern regions of the country, to help balance this issue.

Time will tell if this policy will be realised by the incoming government.

So, what do you think about the report? Are you surprised by anything? Do you think it will have an impact on government policy in the near future?

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